Free town Christiania

For January I have been residing in a little cosy hut with Mat Fleming and Harriet Plewis in Christiania, Copenhagen. We are here in January as Researchers in Residence (, here to learn about this unique place and its processes and to make a film that reflects this, or reflects us here.

Christiania is so incredible in its concept, and perhaps so overwhelming in its projected image that it is difficult to think about how to represent this experience on film. I say incredible in its concept, but really I don't think it should be anything incredible at all, what is incredible is that there aren't a thousand over 'Christianias' all over the world.

As a place its inspires me by its continued existance, yet disheartens me by the immense presence of the political resistance to it.

This small self goverened part of Copenhagen, home to 900 or so folk, is full of brave ideas and problems and I know that we are only able to understand the very surface of them as of yet. Currently it is a place in transition - a period of normalisation enforced by the government.

We three are talking together a great deal everyday, through all these ideas that come to us through the place and how best to present them, what to make of them. We meet our neghbours, we have discussions with them that help inform us, help add to the pool of people discussing and critiquing the ideas. We shoot during daylight hours.

We hope that we can make something that works, we had no prepared idea, just the idea that we would decide collectively between us what we would shoot the next day through discussions every evening. We are working with the title so far of 'More Soup, More Broth'.

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