Frustrations but finally some progress looks likely

The metal has finally arrived! Next week I'll be cutting out my first patterns and seeing if all the work I've put into the Illustrator files actually translates to what I want out of the lasercutter ... but my mind has been racing ahead and I'm already thinking through what i want to do next, so given how long it took to get the metal sheets I'm looking at a much smaller test so I have more metal left to cut out other experimental materials for making further spheres.

That's a thought, while I'm here and just textually exploring this stream of consciousness - I haven't mentioned why I'm making spheres ... Its where I started when I first began creating the wire weaves and again when I began work on the Pine needle forms - a sphere is a very 'complete' form for me, encompassing science from the smallest particle to the largest, the universe itself. It also has resonance in mythological understanding of our world, and in terms of pure sculptural practice its a good test format to see how materials and processes work structurally and visually.

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