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Making some studies in preparation for the work I am aiming to produce for the final AA2A exhibition.  The studies will be presented in an informal interim exhibition from the 20th February.  


I am planning to make a series of pillars, using a variety of materials from sheet metal, acrylic sheet and wood.  Free standing, they will be my height and will be painted and printed on.  The content will be my personal reaction to the threat of fracking and the fight against it; the erosion of our democratic rights, the labelling of anti-frackers as domestic extremists. The term "earth, wind and fire",  keeps encroaching into my thoughts - I am possibly going to call my piece Earth, Air and Water - the three vital aspects of our life on this planet and the three things highly likely to become polluted and threaten that life should fracking get the go ahead.  


My aims for this placement were to develop my work into three dimensions, thus the pillars, which represent the human body (the vertical in many of my paintings represent the same) will be a phyical manifestation of this. I am also going to make small folded books exploring the same content but in hand-holdable form.  Alongside this, I will have a roll of Chinese paper containing further explorations of the theme that I intend to print up as one continuous work, similar to the ballot box piece I made last year.  I envisage this being suspended and draped from the ceiling of the space it inhabits, to allow viewers to walk round and through it.  If I have time, I may produce some smaller prints on Chinese paper although I suspect these may be something I continue with later in the year.

I've not got very far yet, so I'd better crack on.  Why do I always find this so difficult?  I suspect it is because I am anxious to produce work of good quality; once I get going it is always fine, so I'd better stop procrastinating. . .    


I shall create an album of sketches made so far along with other older pieces that relate to the intended work and become part of the imagery I will use.

Happy new year to all of you who may be reading this.  I promise to have something worth looking at soon!

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