getting sorted

Moderation day at Sheffield College today, so very quiet. I started the process of getting registered that then allows me to get a pass, parking permit for days I don't cycle, internet access, etc. All needs to be done. Great to meet the technitian to talk about what I have planned to do and when it is a good time to be in to meet the students. Then there is a person allocated to AA2A artist's matters, great! My days will be Tuesdays and Wednesday/Thursdays. I am starting with making moulds to cast objects in soap, objects people have lent to me and that mean something to them in their homes. This is part of my bigger project called 'home'.

I feel a little bit like an intrudor and do wonder if it is right to come with a fixed idea an execute it in the College rather then let something grow there and work more with the College .... not sure where this is leading to. I'll see ...

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