getting started!

So it is now the end of one term at De Montfort uni and for me it has been non stop making which is great! I have been able to contct some of the AA2A artists to see how they are getting on and what there thoughts and feelings are towards the scheme. One AA2A artists said that they were made to feel really welcome at the uni and that the facilities on offer were great. This was really good to hear as I have always thought the workshops at hand offer alot and are very supportive of people who just want to make. Another AA2A artist said it has been a slow start and have encountered some problems to begin with, hopefully with the next term just around the corner this will all be sorted.

For me a student rep it has also been slightly slow to start with but it has also been a big learning curve seeing what artists do once they have been working outside of a univeristy envioment for a while and then return. I am looking forward to getting more involved with the artists and getting to know them and there pratice more in the upcoming months.

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