Getting started.. again

I started this project with a notion that I want to try and process some of the live work I have produced in the past two years. I thought I would create a space for reflection and a means for sharing some of the ideas within the live work in a different way. In january I eagerly went into the print room and re-aquainted myself with screen printing and other print methods. It was a lot of fun making images in this way again, and also challenging. But in terms of the work I'm hoping to make, I haven't got very far yet... And I think that's because before I start designing pieces of print and trying out different methods, I need to figure out the content.


I need to write.


And that feels peculiar because I feel like I should be using the resources that are available to me through the AA2A scheme – sitting in my studio and writing requires nothing but myself, a notebook or laptop, and some self-discipline. But until I go through this process, and look back at the scraps of writing and stacks of images generated from the live projects, there's little point in attempting to design anything.


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