Getting underway with the laser cutter

It has been a slow start, what with sorting out how to access the equipment, who, where and when to arrange everything but I finally feel like I'm starting on the residency and I'm really looking forward to getting the metal sheets to test what I can cut with the laser cutter - my plan is to cut a series of small 'sample' patterns which will hopefully provide a new form of 'wire' to weave into sculptures.

If it works as planned (and lets face it things rarely go to plan but its the happy accidents that tend to move my art practice forward) I will be able to incorporate both science and natural pattern elements within the wire.

So in anticipation of the delivery of metal sheets I am working on the Adobe Illustrator files, which I'm creating at home at present, as its a lot easier for me to work here ... and this brings me onto another aspect of my art practice - where it takes place, but I think that's a whole new blog subject so I'll try to start one for each aspect (laser cutter, 3d printer, how I work) ...

Once I've worked out how to add images here I'll post some of the patterns I'm working with at the moment!

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