Glorious Day

12th December. 

The pieces taped to the wall have fallen to the floor and lie untouched.

It is a glorious day... -3c but the sun is out and the hoar frost shimmers.

No one in the MA space...some quiet sessions up and down the corridor.

Good,  I am in a state of not knowing...wondering...questioning...this is what life is. When we know the answer that is when we stop exploring..stop growing.

Actually why not go back to those pieces from the very beginning...revisit them knowing what I know now...mmmmm 


Immediate gratification

Can't be bothered

Not now



Here and now

No patience

Scratching the surface


It's nice to be up in the sky


Just get on with it

Why wait

Why bother

Direct response


Thought through





In response to


"They remind me of industrial landscape"...I hesitate to agree...landscape..yes...industrial?

But I reflect on the comment and of course she is right... our landscape is that of  agricultural industry

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