Was not too sure how to receive the news that although have been very successful as a student blogger would no longer be able to post any more reviews about own practice or the new AA2AArtists at the univeristy. As had found these myself and have not manage to find the new student reps to engage with and pass on my experience and hope that they could benefit form all this  wealth of skills and epertise oh well I supose it is time that my fat lady started to sing and at least I have all this on my own artist CV, I  got chosen as picture of the week and totally enjoyed my years experience of being student rep blogger and noone can take that away from me and has only made my art practice stronger and want to thank Coventry University for chosing me and for AA2A Website for the opportunity to blogg. I hope that one day I might be invited back as AA2Artist myself and keep looking out for my art out there and help me achieve my dream of finally selling my art work.

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