Helix #1; The Basic Elements.

Given that I'd not been working at my best I decided to try & make at least one object using a tried & tested process, alongside materials (mainly adhesive) that I also knew would do the job.

The object is constructed from 21 right angled triangles which in turn have been made from rectangular pieces of 12mm MDF of 21cm by 13 cm cut diagonally from corner to corner.  Notice the use of Fibonacci numbers to govern the dimensions of each element.  (Yes, I know.  The thickness of the MDF isn't.  Let's call that artistic license, or, all they had in the shop).

I decided that the angle at the joint of the elements would be 144 degrees.  This meant cutting 18 degrees from the hypotenuses & opposite sides to create the angle when joined.  This does not apply to the first & last elements of the object.  In order to avoid angled ends, the first element's hypotenuse is not angled & the last element's opposite side is not angled.

I took my time making each element, making sure the angled edges were sanded to a good flat, smooth finish ready to be glued together.

With each element being identical (ish) I knew that the form would repeat itself & become a helix.  At this point I didn't know precisely what the finished object would look like.

It was time to get the glue out.

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