Hello ! Here Iam!

When I received successful email from Solent I was more than happy to be back to 'my' uni. I had big plans how to start and what I will do first... But then reality hits me as I had few things to sort out! My wedding!  Then honeymoon...

 After I came back I was on my 39 h/week full time contract in supermarket and just turn my head around and actually visit Solent it was Christmas 'School closed’! 

After Christmas my head was nowhere and my hand which is usually drawing was doing shopping, washing, calling, cooking, and working full time in NOT really dreamed job... My creative side gone away and I were getting up from bed just to work - to make money, to make living... But my mind was dead and I knew I need to do something.

Yesterday again I get up 12 o’clock and I was thinking ‘what I’m doing with my life’ I got AA2A placement so get your body and do something now! So HERE IAM in my studio writing this post and planning how my life should look now. I am collecting my campus card tomorrow and starting my journey!


Need to arrange meeting with my client to start big project at Solent. I will post my work in progress soon!


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