Highlight of 2012

The highlight for me in 2012 was the Q&A sessions with the AA2A artists which were organised and hosted by myself and Zara.

They were arranged at short notice, but they still all accepted our invitation to attend, which we really appreciated.

The first one was held on Tuesday 4th December with Jenny Purrett and Matthew Hearn of Spectrum and hosted by myself.  They spoke very openly about their journey as artists and their practice up to date. The one key point to emerge and invaluable advice to all art students was 'networking' and how important it was to make contacts and be part of a wider art community.  They talked about the different types of residencies available and mentioned that they are often advertised in art magazines like a-n, which if subscribed to, offered free insurance for public liability if staging an exhibition.  One other tip given was if leaving a card with contact details on, try leaving it in places like a hairdressers as it can be surprizing on how much work can be got from non- art environments.

Jenny and Matthew were equally generous with their time by allowing the students present to talk about their own practice, their hopes and aspirations after graduation, which I would like to thank them both for on behalf of all of us.

The second one was hosted by Zara with David Lisser, Rebecca Travis and Sebastian Trend

It was the first time a Q&A session had been arranged, so hopefully it will go from strengtht to strength and next years AA2A reps will be able to build on this year.

Both sessions were recorded and I have included links:-





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