Comment to myself....I'm on a plateau again. Levelled out and need a kick.

There's another problem I am having big time and knew it would happen over and over again - to avoid the sweetness of the object - a problem of scale? Subject matter? I feel sometimes I do this on purpose. Alight on something that always brings me back to myself at centre and this is now maybe because am on my own again....should pace this like the first stage and notes will be part of it - all items will be displayed accordingly and labelled as parts of the archive - we know that this took place at least..

very inspired by week end course I did in processing Super 8 in Leeds. Thanks Martha at CherryKino - really good.

Thanks to yoooooou Brian and Glynis at Hull College for intro to various of the possibilities regarding Super 8 and Bolex. Got me very interested in progressing the idea which has moved me on from last year's project in a positive way too! Think after this week end might try and do something with that and want to look at stop framing and drawing on film.

The etching bothers me so hope I can take it forward. It bothers me because I can't make up my mind if I want it to be a nice picture or was meant to be a means to an end but I find it hard to not want it to succeed as an honest attempt at looking as though I was trying to understand the discipline, which I think I was. Do I think it is dishonest? Well unruly I suppose and not done carefully but hurriedly. This suggests that I didn't apply enough respect to the materials. This raises for me all the questions about craft skills and their importance and how best to use a traditional process in tangent with other media.. 





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