Home Sapiens (Sapiens)

From ages of stones and bones

and onwards to metal ores

who became ever stronger steel

a physical feat -mighty beast

But there was might to be found in the small, 

now a move to get increasingly so, to almost floating away...

if not that it were forming a web...

composing our age of the internet.

And within this materiality, there is a timeless unity - a constant of humanity

that is found in mentality - in our ability to think symbolically - collectively 

making cultures 

and ultimately forming history.


Working on exploring the idea of symbolic thought as a timeless driver of cultures through the fabrication of a 'landscape'...

Sitting somewhere between an early human settlement it is to be dotted with objects, tracing the development of humans as we progressed from the Stone Age to Silicone


but all is not as it seems

timelessness is the key, making something in the uncanny

it's through stories and myths after all, that we continually came and still come to be

from when we set up camp around fires, to a knapping melody -

working these stories, making them embodied


before on the move again.


But through stages things started to settle- into a domesticated life.

the 'good life' (and goods life)

hung up (and down) on this now -

on bracelets dangling with charms. 

A token of some affection
or tools in this dimension?
Enlarged for the duality
but marking that single consistency-again that constant of humanity
(increasingly abstractly)
our display of symbolic thought

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