Hybrid photography and AI

AI generated image of a young indian woman sitting on a bench

My experimentation with AI and photography has come through the challenges of working in a male dominated fields. Books such as Caroline Criado-Perez Invisible Women,  Algorithms of Oppression Safiya Umoja Noble address gender bias in technology, product and enviromental design. Technology, including photography have been used to fetishise women and ethnicities from the global majorities.

It is through interaction that algorithms change, and my decision to use Dall-E was to start my process in creating images of south asian women and how they are depicted and represented. The images that I have had Dall-E create are from text based prompts.

The images have been far from perfect which is something I enjoy about creating these images. They are distored, and imperfect, a reflection on memories and fragmened moments of recollection. 

 AI generated south asian young woman on a bench outside

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