I AM_____ Contemporary Art Fair

If you are looking for something to do this weekend then I would urge you to pay a visit to the I AM ___ Contemporary Art Fair that is taking place at the Newhampton Arts Centre, Dunkley Street, in Wolverhampton. Mental Spaces CIC in conjunction with the arts centre is presenting a three-day long art fair which will showcase a diverse and eclectic range of local artists' work. There will be all sorts of things to see including live performances, dance, installation, photography, film and sculpture. There will also be various workshops and other activities to take part in. I think it is well-worth a visit, especially if you are a local artist or art maker. It will provide the chance to mingle, get inspiration and enjoy many creative activities.

The theme of the Art Fair is an exploration of identity in the current ever-changing multi-cultural world where identity is a fluid concept. How can we be sure of our identity in such an uncertain world? How does identity change? What is the nature of our innermost identity?

The small part I am playing is to explore the narratives and emotional connection we have with objects through my ongoing balloon project. There will be balloons at the Art Fair and each one will be attached with a label which offers the owner of that balloon the chance to take part in my exploration. The questions I have been asking include: What happens to a balloon once it has been inflated and given to someone? Is that person just the temporary custodian of the balloon? How long will it live? If it does have a long life, what happens eventually? What emotional attachment is given that balloon? Will it be loved? As someone who actually fears balloons and would not want to possess one, this topic interests me. How do we feel once the balloon has been lost or once it has burst? How long does it remain in our consciousness? Can it have more than one owner? 

I look forward to logging the results of this experiment on my balloon blog and exploring them in my art: www.burstballoons.co.uk.

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