I have found a place to work

Now that I am technically competent at screen printing I began to look for somewhere to work in Wolverhampton (being a public artist). As I went to different areas, on my bike - no mean in feat in Wolverhampton! I began to use the subways under the ringroad as a way of staying safe from the traffic. As I did so I noticed three subterranean locations within traffic islands. The first really stood out - as it had a skate park in and hundreds of pairs of shoes in the trees. Interesting I thought. Then I found a less obvious place but with more space - Chapel Ash Island. Here a few people were making artworks in response to social issues. It is  a quite well manicured place, the crazy paving at odds with the stencil art on original tiles. This investment in the original design of the place juxtaposed with the current use as an 'underground' place where social critique is visualised made it seem very attractive to me as a place to work. People scuttled through the subways, hurrying through what was once a vision of the future. Having considered it for a while and having visited the marvellous archives at Wolverhampton to research it more I have decided to work in and around Chapel Ash Island for my residency. I am calling the piece of work 'Someone Else's Dream, which reflects the dream that was once the ring road, a legacy of someones vision that we live with, and calls to mind the other dreams that we live with that may not be our own, brexit, capitalism, and patriarchy, for example, and the other dreams that we do present through art. I am interested in how using trace to print on could work to express this, and how a mobility can be incorporated into the work.

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