Ice Castles

Ever since I can remember I've had a passion for boxes, cases, books (The Bible in particular, I loved the gold edges and the thin delicate pages) fairies, magic and castles. Perhaps this is why I love arches. 

Armed with new imagery from the snow covered land I have been drawing with rollers. I cannot bare to waste ink, so after my old newsprint blocks failed to please, I used up the ink exploring my imagery from memory and my sketch book which was beside me. These images I have used to create my screen with and will print onto canvas.

The roller glided on the surface of the paper. I use the edges to create marks and to vary lines. It's almost like an ice skater carving their routine. They improve by repetative training just as we do by repeatedly drawing. Some areas are smooth, some textured, sharp cuts, wide sweeps and point marks- Ice Castles.

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