Interview with Sun Ju Lee

Alice Eaton- Hello, so how is your residency at the University of Bedfordshire going so far? 


Sun Ju Lee -  Its a really good opportunity, especially for me because I’m not a traditional printmaker but I can use the printmaking facilities here especially screen printing and the etching press.  


AE- That sounds really good! Have you discovered anything new by being here at the University? Such as faculties or medias? 


SJ- Yes, even though I’ve studied printmaking at the RCA, I haven’t done much etching but being here I have made some dry point work which is similar to etching it doesn't use any chemicals so its really fun 


AE- I’ve never tried it but it sounds really fun! So your practice, do you have a way that you could summarise it?


SJ- Especially for the upcoming exhibition here, which will be in about a months time, I have tried to make printmaking work based on the images which I have taken from the Luton area. So I have taken a lot of photos to make images and I put these images on photoshop and make six or seven layers of images for one piece of work. Then I try to print using silk screen to make one final work. I think I’m going to make two printmaking pieces and one drawing. 


AE- So do you have any artists in particular that you are inspired by? 


SJ- I really like David Hockney because I really like the colours he uses. I’m not a British artist but for  me the colours he uses are quite British, Im pretty sure you will understand what Im talking about. But his colours are very particular to me! 


AE- So you have talked about printmaking and etching, do you have a favourite or do you like doing a bit of everything? 


SJ - Yes, I like doing everything! I make some drawings, printmaking and painting and I layer them all together to make one piece of work.


AE- When you work do you have a particular place that you work or an environment which you like to work in? 


SJ- I have my studio in London so I normally make my work there, but to make my work I have to gather resources so I try to take some photos everywhere I have been to. So being in Luton, I take my photos in Luton and when I go somewhere else I will take some photos from there. 


AE- If you had to give a piece of advice to someone who was leaving University soon what would it be? 


SJ- Its a really tricky question! As far as I understand its really hard to live as an artist after college because, for example like me, I came here (University of Bedfordshire) to use the facilities which I can’t use easily use outside of college. This means you guys would really have a hard time to access these too. You will understand better when you leave the college. So thats why people who really want to do some artwork go and do a MA because that is the alternative choice in which you could get some more opportunities to do some more work. So put this by your college, people, tutors and technicians. Good Luck ! 


AE- Thank you! Have you got anything lined up for the near future? 


SJ - Im going to do another residency in Ireland in April. Im going to Cork, a little town called Cobh which is 20 minutes train ride from away from Cork city centre. Im really excited to go there!


AE- Great! It sounds lovely! Here are just a couple of quick fire questions ! So Black and White or Colour, which do you prefer working in? 


SJ-  I really like grey! If you see my work in an exhibition you would know why I like grey! 


AE- Do you prefer digital processes or manual processes? 


SJ- I really like them both together because my work is made by initially starting with digital processes and then I do the drawing and the painting using my hands. So I always combine both processes together. 


AE- Art Nouveau or Arts and Crafts? 


SJ- Arts and Crafts 


AE - Do you have a favourite artist? 


SJ - David Hockney and Francis Ellis 


AE - And what music are you listening to at the moment? 


SJ- I quite like listening to the radio, like BBC Radio Two. They don’t have very recent music, you know what I mean!


AE- Yes, they have that good mixture! 


SJ- Im not good at memorising all the song names even the artist as well


AE- I like listening to Radio Two too ! Its good ! I think thats all of the questions! Thank you!!


SJ- Thank you for inviting me! 

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