Into the darkness!

Monday was a day of preparation and practical work. It was good to be at High Melton in the morning and I’d like to say thanks to Simon and the third year graphics students for allowing me to share their room. Everyone made me feel welcome. Good luck with the competition entries guys and thanks for showing me your work!!!


I then had a thoroughly enjoyable and productive afternoon in the darkroom at the Hub. Many thanks Laura and Danny for organising this and making sure I knew where everything was … including how to get in and out of the building! All very much appreciated. Today’s mission was photograms – fairly random experiments with shapes and materials to see what happened. Nothing at all spectacular emerged, but there was sufficient to allow me to play around and put together a couple of galleries of images. It also gave me something more to think about in terms of what next, how I can do this, and why.


This afternoon underlined how much I really miss having a darkroom. There’s something more hands-on about the whole process of creating images in a darkroom and, whilst Photoshop is an amazing application, using a computer means I need to stay in one place until the job’s done. I much prefer to be active and physically in contact with the medium. Today was fun and I’m looking forward to the next session.

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