Introduction to Etching

For over two years now I have been considering taking a more abstract approach to the female nude within my practice. So having recently been granted the opportunity to work alongside Manchester Metropolitan University I thought what better time than now?.. 

I am currently working on a series of A4 etching plates depicting bloated, abstract representations of the female form. I was very enthusiastic to take advantage of the universities printmaking facilities as I thought perhaps my style of drawing would be complimented by this printmaking technique. But as it had been over six years since my last visit to a print studio I was a little nervous. It took me a few weeks to get to grips with the techniques and machinery (lots of upside down plates, ink on clothing and mimed swear words) but three months on I finally feel my ideas are definitely coming together. 

I have created and printed from four etching plates so far but over the coming months I am hoping to double my time spent at the university and get cracking on producing a large collection of A4 etching prints (each print of a different image). Now that I am familiar with the etching process I hope to soon move up to A2/A1 sized steel plates to create much bigger prints as I find the A4 format a little restrictive. I have also begun to combine both drawing and etching by doodling ontop of some of my (less succesful) prints as a way of extending the fleshy mass within the image. 

Anyway, here's one of my favourite prints. Any feedback is very welcome! More images can be found in my 'MMU: Work in Progress 2011/12' folder back on my main profile page. Thanks for reading. 

etching 2



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