Issue 8 of Haus-a-rest zine out now (The environment.)

Urban Recall
Issue 8 of Haus-a-rest zine is out now (the environment issue,) featuring my work among other artists, writers and special guest writer and Object Orientated Ontology theorist Graham Harman. View online:
The Environmental Crisis is a term used to describe the environmental problems that we face today. The main environmental problems include the greenhouse effect and global warming, the ozone layer, tropical forest clearance, mass consumerism and intensive farming. Whilst the problems appear to be largely physical (environmental), the causes and solutions lie much more in people's attitudes, values, and expectations. A number of factors have helped to create these problems, including developments in technology and industry, which have given people a greater ability to use the environment and its natural resources for their own ends. The rapid increase in human population has significantly increased in many countries and led to a rise in the use of natural resources; and the free market economies, play a central role in decision?making about production, consumption, use of resources, and treatment of wastes; and attitudes towards the environment, taking profit over sustainability.
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