Issues with paper sticking

Since my last blog post, I spent a further two sessions in the print room at UCLan prior to the end of term but regrettably, did not get much further forward and due to a busy period, did not get a chance to blog.

The problem seemed to be paper sticking to the collagraph plate once the pressure of the press was applied and even Tracy, our brilliant print technician, did not really seem to know why. I tried all sorts of ideas including using different ways of sealing the plate as we thought it might be the wax getting warm and becoming sticky as pressure was applied. We tried changing the pressure, changing the plates, and even changing the press blankets. I am using the Columbian press for this work rather than an Intaglio press. I also tried various different papers, each with different levels of success.

I also tried dry as well as soaked paper and tried changing the amount of soaking and drying time as we thought the paper might be too damp. But all to no avail. The paper still sticks even if only in one small area. This is quite annoying as there must be a reason but I took the decision, at the end of term, to leave that project on hold for the moment and turn my attention to monoprinting, which I can do in my own studio.

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