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Researching and coffee

...Researching and going over a few things from my last residency and MA. Exciting times!

So I've had a very busy few weeks here at the School of Art! I now have a studio space, which I really appreciate, always wonderful to get the chance to be working somewhere.

I've led a group on some cross level crits - always great to be present with other artists and being involved in some really engaging discussions. The group all had very interesting practices and its surely going to be exciting watching their development through the academic year.


This Friday 15th November, 2019, I will be having a public opening of my show- Look Further, which is a photography exhibition showing impermanence through nature, architecture, and my own fine art practice.

Here's the Poster for the Show:

Look Further Exhibition Poster

Wow! Thank you to everyone who left comments in the book, saw the show, messaged me and just in all wished me well.

Massive thanks!


I'm having a busy time on the AA2A resdiency, reading lots, talking to students, done some tutorials, thanks to those that asked to see me and thank you for showing me your work, I always like hearing about other people and their practice.

I have been delivering the life drawing sessions - which I would just like to say I'm so happy on all of the amazing artists producing such beautiful work. You have all done so well experimenting and pushing yourselves.

Here are a few of my own drawings from the class: 

I would like to update more before, but if not I do wish everyone a great christmas period!

Very Happy New Year to all, and how time has flown by in January!


Showing some unseen work is always scary. Let me tell you a little story concerning this new work - 


Photography - 35mm Film work


This work was produced under guidance of Dr. Euripides Altintzoglou, who when I was back on the MA course (when he was one of my core lecturers) he recommended a technique to use in photography. At the time I was approaching a very busy period and had to much on so I decided it would be best to hold back on that work.

You have to be careful on what you personally choose to do with your art practice, if you can’t complete everything then just make notes so you can go back in the future and hopefully try it again someday.

So I made a note and thought hopefully I will get an opportunity to try that technique in the future. So here I am, back in the Wolverhampton Art School, catching up with lecturers (post MA). A huge thanks to Euripides for giving me his time, help and guidance through this new work. Thank You!!

I was able to do this new project and photograph my dust installation work using 35mm film.





I've continued to run the Life Drawing classes.

A sketch I did during the Life Drawing class.

I've done a couple of talks whilst here at the Wolverhampton School of Art.


Last week I was a part of Careers Development week and spoke about my role as an artist, how I got onto the AA2A Scheme, what it means to me being an AA2A Artist in Resdient and what I'm up to whilst here at the University of Wolverhampton.

Very proud to have my name on this list!


Working from home -

As we’ve all been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic changes have been made in terms of practice and research. Working from home and feeling cut off from the world I know has been a big challenge to say the least.

I've adapted and have been creating Installations at home and working in my sketchbook, noting down thoughts and ideas.

But before that I've had time to read which has been very beneficial. I'd spent my days at the University conducting practical work, some talks and tutorials, which is all extremely valuable in experience and helpful for me to personally to grow.

Over some time of the AA2A residency, a reading list of current interests and new themes to look into have gradually been piling up. This time away locked down at home was the perfectly imperfect time to start to begin to get through some long-awaited reading. This is really helpful in developing my practice.

Some of the reading is more towards Philosophy – the exploration of various branches of philosophical subjects. This move was heavily influenced from some discussions with Dr. Simon Harris, Head of Fine Art. Over a number of weeks, we had begun to talk about my practice in depth and for further research purposes. There were many names/subjects that were already appearing to me in several books, article and websites. But these discussions with Simon really gave me that push of confidence through that door of Philosophy. The fact that these names/subjects were clearly appearing in front of me and Simon also speaking of these deeper trails of thought (that I didn’t yet know anything about) was an evident sign that I should take that particular path.



The image above is showing two things.

1. A close up of some work that's been made at home.

2. The text over the image was a minimal reference of how I work.

This work has been mainly developed as outdoor installations, as temporary events in which objects sit together an in many contrasts of how they wouldn't normally be situated in the ways they have been in.

The installations have also taken on a new name - events. It's still an installation in a technical approach, but it’s also an event due to the ritualistic manner of placing, or setting up the work.

I’ve produced a number of indoor and outdoor works over these Lockdowns. They've been set up in relatively small spaces indoors, but I’ve been able to go a little more adventurous outdoors.

Now, some of these works have been based around theories of time, as an idea and through a metaphysical lens. This has been inspired by one of the books I’ve read - “Metaphysics A Very Short Introduction” by Stephen Mumford. Through Chapter 6 “How does time pass?” these questions about time led me to sit and re-think about the fundamentals of time as a concept. For me time has always been an interesting subject. Although I feel for many people time is a very interesting and often extremely abstract subject. Obviously, it does depend on the person and their views on the idea of time. It’s also interesting when you look into eastern aesthetics, which much of my practice has notions of. Time as a concept can sometimes be viewed or approached differently from culture to culture, yet is a concept we all live by (generally).

Over the Multiple Lockdown’s we’ve experienced work has been continued to be developed at home, internally or externally. Throughout the summer there were lots of experimental works being made in the garden, which was a great experience as I’ve produced works that I have thought about and planned for a long time. Not specifically for work in the garden as such, but ideas of using the outdoors and to use different materials that had also been drawn in sketchbooks whilst I was studying my MA Fine Art.

Materials such as stone, wood and fabrics. Here's some images of how I've been producing works through 2020.

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