It's SNOW joke...

Day 30.

Greetings log.  The weather has taken a turn for the worse again today; the x30 was nearly toppled by gale force winds on my journey to the rural studio.  After just having restored communications with my arty partner Lyndsey-dee following the epic snowfall which thwarted our many plans, we can't help but feel that mother nature has it in for us...

News has come of 100% arts and culture cuts in the Newest of Castles since I last wrote.  These truly are troubling times, but all the more reason to make the treacherous journey to sprinkle glitter on things and spread art-joy.

With all of these January times to ponder, we have discovered ART-KARMA; give a little, and get something back.  After donating a valentines-tea-set-for-two ('Hampering for Love?'), our proposal was kindly accepted for the 5th annual Empty Shop show in Durham which previews tomorrow evening.  That's exhibition number four of our ten show target! 

The month ahead forecasts a website, proposals galore and FAME (...maybe not the latter)

Will write again, sending love and hot water bottles from the North.


Intrepid artist Charlie Snow.

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