Juggling Balls

Emma Mckinney


Juggling Balls

Meeting an artist in a freezing studio in Digbeth, isn’t what you except to do on a typical Monday, that is what myself and Rebecca Collins did, as student reps, for the AA2A interview.

Emma is a mixed media artist, who has a studio in Birmingham. She went to Bournemouth University, where she was involved in a Brewery art project, which raised money whilst being at University in 2015.  She was also involved with a lot of arts projects and involved in pop art in a suitcase, which was taken to Venice Biennale.

She is presently involved with East Side Projects, which is a gallery based in Birmingham. She acts as a research assistant and is involved with tutorial projects with local artists. In July, she wants to find and get together a group of artists that are dispersed throughout the region, also by looking at different arts and how their audiences are diverse and how these audiences could get together. Emma talked about how you can be an associate of East side Projects and how there are many paid opportunities once you become a member of the project.

As she is heavily involved in the East Side projects, and her own art seems to be on a back foot at the moment, she hopes to get this going again by using the Wolverhampton School of Art and Design’s facilities soon. We suggested that she comes to give a talk because she an ideal candidate to explain what to do after the degree finishes and how to get involved with local projects.


Emma seems to be juggling her art well, with a career in the arts, which seems to have a healthy future.

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