Since putting things in motion and my concepts out into the world a lot has started to happen and it is exciting, exhausing and scary all at the same time. I have exhibitions planned, links to other artists, community groups and my work is developing. I have one morning aside to think and one day to create! In that day I add a million ideas to my list of ideas. Which is what I have missed. Time to think and do.

This week I have applied to AN for their development bursary. I also submitted artwork to be considered for the Green Man festival. 'You have to be in it to win it', I tell myself, the reality is, I need to be in it AND win it, to get paid to continue to do what I love.

I (we at BloomInArt CIC) have recieved funding from ACE, Pessimmon Community Champions, three primary schools, Hartlepool Art Gallery and three Hartlepool Ward Councelors to run a 6 month community arts project: Pride of Place. This has taken so much hard work and planning. I am thrilled this is going ahead and feel we have validation for the work we do.

It has also highlighted the constant cycle of an artist to have to constantly look for and apply for projects, grants and exhibitions. Many times being unsuccessful and not getting paid for time lost.

We also recieved another grant to run a project along side the Tour De Yorkshire in May. Things are happening. Its time to start juggling my work, community projects and my family, maybe I will get time to sleep, who knows, at the moment I am too excited to want to.



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