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I have not been good at blogging during my aa2a time - only one up to now! 

I often say that I prefer to let my work speak for me, so I hope it has/does. But I don't want to finish my aa2a time without offering some feedback and expressing my thanks, so I'm blogging with some of my responses to the aa2a evaluation, which made me think back over the whole experience :-

What were the best things about your aa2a project?

The confidence boost it gave me to 'stretch' further. I feel privileged to have been selected, and very encouraged that my practice and work were/are of sufficient interest to qualify for the AA2A scheme. Also, access to the expertise of excellent technicians, borrowing photographic equipment to try it out, a great library, and just being back in an art school environment with art school people - brilliant.


Did you use the scheme as an opportunity to change the direction (or scale) of your work? e.g. larger prints, access to new equipment, space to think

Yes I did: higher res camera, larger prints, sturdy tripod and lots of video editing experience - translating the ways I use Photoshop into creating composite images in FinalCutPro.

Through photographing some intriguing places and forms I found within UCA Canterbury's buildings I discovered a fascination for investigating images of interior spaces: an entirely new direction for me.

Space to think? Oh yes. Single parent, sole breadwinner, granted some precious hours to work uninterrupted in an inspiring environment - a breath of fresh air. Testing ideas and exploring new media with the assistance of expert facilitators - exhilarating - wonderful.


Contact with students :

People editing video - and I spent the majority of my AA2A time as one of them - are totally focused and absorbed, and usually wearing headphones! - so talking amongst the group in the moving image suite didn't happen often. All those I did speak to were very sociable and, I think, interested in what I was attempting to achieve.

I did a presentation to students, which went pretty well (despite a technical difficulty) in that it prompted questions and discussion around different examples of my work.

I loved having permission to 'access all areas' at UCA, but being neither staff nor student, and a bit shy, I found the role of AA2A artist surprisingly solitary at times: a t-shirt, with words to the effect "ask me what I'm doing here" might have been a good 'ice breaker'! - why didn't I think of that months ago?


Contact with other artists:

I hope to keep in touch with the other three UCA artists: it was very interesting to talk to them, they were very good company and we made a great team putting up the exhibition.

I have never taken to 'social networking' sites, but may have changed my attitude. It was/is so good to have an insight into what fellow artists were/are working on, have direct contact links with them, and feel part of the countrywide AA2A community. Fantastic.



Anything else you’d like to mention e.g if you want particular thanks to be formally passed on to the staff we will do that for you

Yes, please relay my thanks to all. Jenny Painter at UCA, and Georgia and Wendy at AA2A were great online communicators from the start: and everyone I met at UCA Canterbury was welcoming and helpful, from the staff in reception, the library, the shop and the cafe, to students, tutors and technicians. Matt, Terry, Paul - absolutely brilliant - I learned so much from them, and their help and advice made every long drive to Canterbury completely worthwhile.

Particular thanks to Peter Hofer, AA2A Co-Ordinator: clearly a very busy person, but his quiet, organised approach, excellent communication and encouraging attitude were/are very much appreciated.



I feel very honoured to have been one of the artists included in this well-established national project. I am very pleased and to know that funding has been secured for 2011-12, and wish the project every success in the long term. My sincere thanks to all involved. 

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