Last blogg?!!!

As a student AA2A blogger for artists who have been using Coventry University am posting my possible last blog as we are now breaking up shortly for the end of summer term and the last of my course hand in is on Tuesday 21 May and last lecture on 22 May means  that my time as a student blogger is almost over, the artists finished their placements just before Easter and am due  to finish the end of the semister all too soon but am really looking forward to my very year as a student on my Masters course it is with a heavy heart that I added my last image of my art work and blog about the experience I don't want it to end and hope that the experience I can use in my portfolio and this should aid my practice and guide me into what every area that I go into as yet do not know what this is going to be may be some one can help guide a mature artist, teacher who knows where I can explore. Look forward to hearing from any helpful tips.

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