Last of the Loose Ends...

As I'm sure all third years are feeling, up and down the country, regardless of what course, I am feeling on the brink (not of mental break down thankfully), on the edge (but not of a cliff) and that also though this is the end, this is also a new beginning (very cliched I know). 

After a little online absence due to an incredibly busy couple of weeks I am in an odd state of calm. My panic in the last blog post has been lulled after organising and separating Semester One work from Semester Two work and taking the former away. I was pleased to find that I actually had more than I had thought and now begins Degree show prep!

Wilko's has got its moneys worth and now I am studioless for a week before I can get into Gallery North! So this week is being devoted to all those loose ends, the files which need ordering, the contents pages which need making, the artist statement which needs re-writing (argh!) and various other bits and bats which seem like small jobs but turn into marathons. 

My voting poster is up on all the noticeboards and an email reminder has been circulated twice so I hope students have had their say! 

I will also make another photo album so you can see what has been going on in my practice in the lead up to the show...

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