Learning something new

I had a great day today, Candice at Derby University gave me an induction to their photographic studio.  She not only taught me how to operate the lights (once she'd covered all the obligatory H&S stuff) but she also told me more about how my camera works in 5 minutes than I've managed to glean from several hours of reading the manual!

We set Pale Vessel up on a product table with a couple of lights, and then I played about with the various settings - I'll load one of the pictures up to the sculptures album on here so you can see the difference from the photos I took inside in just daylight.

I've got some studio time booked on Monday, I may even get some decent pictures of some of the prints I've been making.

I spent an enjoyable afternoon chatting to Jayne (who's chairperson of the Wirksworth Festival this year!) and reading the latest issue of Sculpture.

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