i'm pleased to be back on the aa2a dot biz site and looking forward to the next few months. tomorrow i'm booked onto an open day at the level centre in derbsyshire, not only to look around but also to discuss a residency opportunity.

i've already applied for the residency and due to poor numbers and my proposal not quite being strong enough, the process to select an artist continues. 

since receiving the outcome email i've started the process to become a forest school leader.  it's a level 3 qualification.  what i didn't expect was how the forest school aspect of my practice would influence my art practice.  

for example, the residency proposal was ok but incomplete.  after the week initial training i can see now what to add to the residency idea and also what intellectual rigour under pins the idea.

slightly optimistic and inspired, i'm here today on this blog to refresh my profile.  

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