Lino & embroidery

I've now produced 2 lino cuts of dry stone walls and 2 of hawthorn hedgerows. I'm printing them as a limited edition of 25 on white and 25 on soft white (cream) Somerset paper. At the end of March I spent 40 hours one week cutting a lino of a hawthorn tree at a larger scale than my previous cuts, it was a real effort and took much focus.

I'm working towards having a stand at the Belper Arts Trail on May 5th/6th, to see what response my prints get and if they sell. If they are commercially viable I'll consider spending more time on this aspect of my art practice. 

Alongside printmaking I've been painstakingly hand embroidering a line drawing of a dry stone wall onto a used pillow case... again this is a feat of intention and focus. I began a couple of months ago and the embroidery will be finished in the next week.



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