Lorraine Cooke's work is published in the current issue of Random Sample literary journal.


I am delighted to have my work published in the current issue of 'Random Sample' literary journal. 'Random Sample' is an international publication based in the US:

A random sample is a statistical tool, a method by which elements of a population can be selected and closely examined, an unbiased process that allows a subset to represent the larger community.
Random Sample seek to survey the most promising artistic and literary fields in order to find unique voices of the global nation, the individuals who observe, who feel, who encounter, who think, and, most importantly, who create. The sort of people who have either stumbled on or carefully collected data about human life and society and can report back to the rest of us in a meaningful and emotive way.The primary aim as an online literary journal is accessibility and experimentalism: work that yields truth, in its many forms, and speaks on behalf of the experience of the body politic, the random, the real, the raw, the honest. Overall, work that is decidedly and unabashedly human.

This issue of the publication features six of my paintings and the context surrounding my work.


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