Making a mould

Because I want to not only produce a series of different sculptures, but also create multiple of each I then need to create a mould for each design. To begin making the mould for the first of my series I have coated the sculpture in a very thin layer of silicone this layer is used to capture the detail of the sculpture including its texture and imagery. The silicone has been painted on using a brush and encases the entire sculpture. At this stage you have to be very careful, ensuring that the small parts are entirely encased and that all of the sculpture is covered. It's also implanted to ensure no bubbles are present as this will effect the quality of the cast. As I want all details to be captured the whole sculpture is covered in this first layer. 

The next stage in producing the mould is to make the silicone thicker so that it can withstand casts being taken. For this next stage I have to create a wall of plastic down the centre of the piece this ensures that the mould can be used as a two piece mould and release from the sculpture. Once a thin plastic wall has been created down the centre of the piece I use another layer of silicone this time with the addition of a thixotropic element ensuring that the silicone is non slump and can be spread across the sculpture rather than poured. Once one side is covered I add some triangular markers around the edges of the silicone these were cut from excess silicone from the first layer and will act as holders for the soft silicone layer within the plaster in the next stage. Once one side was covered I just repeated the same technique on the other. 

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