Making Art Work ( Rugby ball shaped)

After a really busy week finally managed to make some thing, well lots of somethings actually made a load of smal clay rugby balls and left these in the basement while I nipped upstairs for my drink by the time had returned these were no where to be seen, call for an ARGGH moment. So was a lot put out to say the least as work had gone what to do next. Had no time to think about this so went up to studio space to carry on with research material in reading about Brue Nauman about the contexturlisation of the body when was informed that the second years where being assessed an the examiner was going to be coming in to the studio but was invited to join in with the group talk. It was nice to be given the opportunity to talk about my current art practice ( or what I thought lack of art practice), was some what surprized that he liked what I was doing and very encouraging, so why do I not believe a word he said. Oh me I don't trust anyone even when offering really good words of encouragement feel still have to push my self even more to get to where I hope to be.  After this session I get some more clay and manipulate this into a shape of a  larger rugby ball but only half of the side of it having previously working with the original wooden base had started this using resin, coloured pigment and tried to set these into a circle with a small plastic cup but as I had left this at home on the window sill before christmas found that the cup had disappeared and some of the resin had broken off creating half a circle. It is with this material had decided to change by introducing clay and form a type of mold with the intention of using latex and build my own rugby ball but so far am not sure if it is working or not it is still early days. Having now brought a life-size rugby ball from my local rugby club have at least a template to work from am hoping to build a rugby ball that you can when complete squeeze it so that it then either projects a screen of light or create a sound that occures from inside making appear as if you are hearing or seeing a rugby game with out being present at the match. Am still looking for a doll that has the mechanisum inside that when you squeeze it creates the sound of "Mama", I want to take this out of the doll and re-configure it so that can put the noise or sound of the rugby match inside the ball.  Still working on this format and only time witll tell if it works.

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