Making Decisions

The pandemic definitely created more of a challenge to create, the uncertainty and stress involved in going into the art department was so different from before. I struggled on, trying to find time to go in and just make something, anything to keep the cogs turning.

Getting a new full-time, physically exhaisting job didn't help. I'd spend days or weeks not thinking about my projects and ideas then wouidl book a day off to spend in the studio only to find I spent most of the day just reminding myself where I was in the project and what I wanted to do next.

SO I decided it was time to make some changes, as I knew I wanted to spend more time focussing on my art practice. I quit my job and moved back to my parents to reduce expenditure.

I now have access to a small cabin in the garden, which I am slowly clearing out to make enough room to work. I am hoping to go and use the printroom at Loughborough a few more times before my access finishes in September.

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