Maps and Considerations

Amongst the madness of my PGCE, lectures, the pregnant fiance and the wedding planning, I have found serenity in my practice. One day a week to escape into a world, where I venture into poetic moments from my past. The exploration of space is ever present in the works I am creating, attempting to symbolise the importance of the places we visit and live in. Attempting to organise these intimate thoughts I have drawn from the aesthetics of a map and the grid like compartmentalisation of information. The first piece of work to come from this trail of thought will be assembled soon for a small exhibition at the unversity to introduce myself to the students. Alongside my usual sculptural practice I've also started to create drawings, considerations of the moments that will later become sculptures. 

I'm excited about my time at Teesside University and with multiple scluptures at the half way stage everything seems to be going very well. I look forward to sharing some photographs with you all very soon, keep well and safe journey.

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