Materials project

This is the second fine art project for semester 1 year 1.  I guess every university  does things a little  differently.  My art in this project has been influenced  by the amount of litter I see everywhere  and peoples apparent indifference to it being there.   So many  people walk past litter every day and don't  pick it up in fact it is possible  that they don't  even see it because  it has become normal by that  I mean no longer in the wrong place. I decided to make a book using photos of rubbish seen whilst on a short walk

I spent 2 days picking up rubbish dropped at the university the funny thing was when I started others around me joined in whereas people do not usually like to pick up something they haven't dropped. this then led to me asking my poor husband to pick up rubbish on his walk to work this had to be washed on the inside to reduce the stink! i attached some of this to nets that I had painted with as many words as I could think of for rubbish.

I then made small installations with rubbish trying to highlight the wrong place.

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