Monoprinting experiments pay off

During the winter holidays, whilst UCLan was closed, I continued with the monoprinting experiments I had started before Christmas which I started these as I wanted to be able to do some printmaking at home or in my own studio when access to the print room was not available.

Initially I used some acrylic paints and just brushed the paints onto the collagraph plates I had made previously by using natural objects and encaustics. I then simply transferred onto paper using a rolling pin to see what would happen.

I was delighted with the results and played around with using different colours and brushes to see the various effects I could get. I particularly enjoyed the minimalist style I was able to get and managed to produce a number of prints I was very pleased with. I found that just using my hands gave a softer, more organice look than the rolling pin.

Curious, I included some prints along with some Christmas cards I made using the same process, in a local exhibition and sold several prints and quite a few cards on the opening night. This was all the encouragement I needed - I just needed to refine this a bit more.

The biggest downside is the speed at which the acrylics dried so it was time to do some research and find a solution or alternative media.

What is it with printmaking? It seems as fast as you solve one problem, another appears that needs solving but then, that is part of the appeal.

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