Mould Making / Re-familiarising

Very satisfying morning at Sheffield College today. I've started making latex moulds for the first object that has been lent to me as something with a special meaning to a home. At the moment it is about re-familiarising myself with a process and trying out different methods. It has been a while since I've made moulds.  Their technician Joe has kindly helped me to get started. This process also made me think of all those artists who have their things made for them by professionals who do it perfectly. My moulds won't be perfect. Does that matter? We can't be perfect in all the processes we use. I use all sorts of different materials and processes in my work as each project asks for a different langauge. That is sometimes difficult. 

I always make an effort to meet people at the College. It's early days yet as it has only been my third visit there. I am wondereing if I could place my OSB one man 'home' in the College somewhere and engage students and staff with my work  that is very relevant to what I'm doing there. It would also help me to become more visible and possibly start a dialogue.

Another thing I wondered was if the architecture department would be interested in 'a little bit of Austria'. It is the project where everything I'm doing at the College originated from and would give my work there some background. It would offer students an opportunity to work with a real project, real plans, a real house.

I'll find out about those things.


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