My experience with AA2A

I have beena student rep for AA2A since about November. I am taking part in a work placement to go towards a module of my Fine Art and Art History BA hons at Plymouth university.

I choose AA2A as one of my options because I thought that it would be great to have an insight into what being a practicing artist was really like. I also planned to develop my own artistic skills by observing the artists I work with.

It has been great to get involved with the artists on the scheme and I have learnt a few things from the time I have spent with them. It is evident that they are all very driven in regards to their practice, this shows me that I need to be more committed to my own practice if I want to have any chance of actually making a living from it. 

I am yet to actually see any of the artists working on their art but have organised to do that very soon and i look forward to seeing how they creat their pieces and what skills they use.

We have organised an interveiw with each of the artists which will also be a good way to learn things both in regards to their practice and working as an artist and also interveiwing techniques. 

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