Naughty lack of blogging!

I have not written anything for a VERY long time...which I feel bad about! I have been a very busy girl but no excuses! I now intend to keep up with this as it is such a fab opportunity and I don't want to waste a moment of it.

Since my last post I have done a lot more digital printing-it has been a little more successful (although mistakes do still seem to be a good friend of mine-examples including; printing on fabric that was not prepared for digital printing- thus the day of my weekend spent printing was washed away with a mere sprinkling of water; remembering very little about dyeing fabrics and thereby never reproducing a matching coloured piece of fabric; running out of fabric mid print, not realising that you need to clean the heads of a digital printer and so printing an entirely grey design as opposed to blue, green, pink, orange and sepia. But each mistake made, each tear shed, etc etc, makes me even more determined to push for work that I am really pleased with.)

And I HAVE produced some prints that I am proud of which I shall be popping up here in the next few days along with photos of perhaps the less successful adventures. It was my original aim to get some designs together for Liberty open day. I was a tad gutted that I was not ready for this but on the upside it does mean I have almost another whole year to prepare for next year's event! In the mean time I can focus on producing work that I want to wear so if nothing else I have a whole new wardrobe :).

Pics to follow....


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