nearing cessation

i've filled in my questionaire and emailed my word document.  i've posted two audio files to soundcloud.  it's a kin to packing for a holiday.

in the last 24 hours i've been through quite a large swing of feelings about what i've been through on this residency.  for a start it's been for me and me alone.  i've done what i wanted to when i wanted to and ultimately almost became very disappointed that i have nothing to show for it.  

however i see now that the process was what i have to show for it.  i have had a pic of the week, an image selected for the homepage of the sister website and experience of nottingham trent university.

i've assessed the sonics work that i set out to do and know now that the method i selected is not one i can take forward with me.  i'm aware that in doing this residency it actually has affirmed for me what the snee snaw is.

i'd like to round off the scheme with one last post with the sonics files in.  i'll not do that today.

i've learnt about myself, about art education at ma level and where i sit relative to forma art language.  even though right now it doesn't feel good, i know that my time on this scheme will be good once i am away from it and doing stuff as a result of going through the scheme.

i recomend this scheme to anyone needing time and space to find out abit themselves and the cultural horizon currently in focus.

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