Networking blog about AA2A Newsletter

It was with somewhat of interest that I downloaded the newsletter and as am a quick reader made my way through the literature in the leaflet it was full of very useful information from how to start as an artist, advice how to register for PAYE in regards to tax so that you are not at any fault with the taxman, to magazines and places to register to encourage your practice as an artist. For a complete novice who although have sort of got going and not yet set up in a studio space but am extremely good at networking it has given me a wealth of useful information which could help me on the road to becoming an active practising artist. I would most definately recommend this to prospective artists at what ever stage they are at in their practice and wished this much information had been available to me during my second year at university but it is never too late to start and hope that prospective artists everywhere take the opportunity to make use of the newsletter at a very reasonable price for under an hour's pay it is a worthwhile investment. Make use of your AA2A newsletter it could be the starting point of your art practice.

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