New Monuments (or, Ancient Monuments of the Future)

Thinking forward to a time yet to occur is fascinating. We're always shaping the future past by our actions in the present.

The Built To Spill album title 'Ancient Melodies Of The Future' is a bit of a starting point for this line of enquiry. What would the equivalent of the Pyramids be in 1,000 years? I don't know. Tall buildings are our modern monuments. They're fragile. I'm not sure they're built to last. Unfortunately we'll never know. Time erodes, buildings crumble. We're facing increasing planetry tempratures. I wanted an image to reflect this world.

A desert landscape, a structure on the brink of collapse. Stark, monochrome. Quiet.

It's printed on quite a toothy stock, Somerset Newsprint Grey 300gsm. I had to press very hard to get the ink down. The turquiose and light grey compliment each other well. Tried a few different stocks but this worked best. As such I only managed a very short run on the stock I prefer. Should I do another print run? I'm not sure.

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