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I've been knee deep in folding lately working on some new pieces that I'm hoping to develop further in the workshops at Northumbria.  One piece was too big to bring into uni and I had to do it in my own studio by putting together two tables and balancing some large sheets of book boards on chairs to extend the tables surface.  I think I gave myself a bad back and couldn't walk properly for a couple of days.  It made me think about the need for allowing myself time and money to improve my working environment.  I decided that an elevated drawing board should go onto my christmas list as a matter of urgency.

Anyway it was all totally worth it as I finished the piece, it was so fragile by the end from all the repetitive work going into the paper and spent quite a few days worrying that it might tear during framing.  Luckily it didn't and the gallery were pretty pleased with the outcome.  Visit my New Work album to see work in progress pictures or visit it online at

I've donated the piece to Globe Gallery's auction, as has Iris Priest who has a piece of work in the auction which is tonight.  Quite excited about that.  Have a look at Iris' print here:

So I'd been thinking about the actual map itself and as much as I love scavenging old maps in book shops, i'd quite like to draw and print maps to fold.  I have my print induction next week, it's been a while since I've done any printing and i'm scared but also utterly excited.  I'll spend the next few days coming up with some drawings just to get back into the swing of things and take it from there.  It'll be interesting to see how the ink reacts to the folding too.

Book Apothecary is all tucked up for the winter but I'm planning an exhibition in January at the uni.  It would be nice to build the collection while I'm in the university and invite students to make work for it at some point.  This week I got invited to exhibit in the US which is pretty exciting, there's so many ways to go with the project.  I also found out that one of our volunteers had secured a job helping to deliver a workshop festival which came about through our funders.  Brilliant!


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