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This week I have been researching streaming live events online and the different host sites that provide this service. I do not want to pay for streaming and I was pleased to see that there are some websites that offer a free basic package. I really like the layout of and it is easy to set-up through facebook and links across other social media platforms. The video frame that pops up is like the skype video frame although I was a bit concerned about the visual quality of the video. However after closer inspection it is possible to up the quality, which created a much smoother capture. Although I do like how the streaming isn’t perfect, which lets little slippages go unnoticed. Although I am artist in resident at the University of Salford I haven’t been physically there much on site. Due to work commitments my initial plan has had to change and I feel with this new piece I want to explore presenting it in a different way to reach a wider audience. Last week I presented two artist talks at Oldham College and Staffordshire University, which I intend to deliver at Salford. I have now created my own channel and now need to think of a marketing strategy to let people know when the live stream is on. I will need a lo-tech title to hold up for the name of the show at the start, which will allow people a few minutes to login. Alongside the live stream I can add comments to what I'm doing and the public can also write what they think about the performance. I could promote the date of the live stream at the end of my artist talk at Salford uni. I think I will also need to design a poster and create an e-advert to send out to my e-mailing list. I recently went to a show and they sent out a personalised email to each person which I thought was a nice touch.

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