Since moving to Plymouth I have been involved with a youth arts collective here (Young Plymouth arts Centre). This year seems to be quite a busy one, the arrival of the British art show has honed down on Plymouths potential/ the actualization of Plymouth as a hub for emerging artists and the like.  I was able to exhibit some work with YPAC, alongside exhibition I have also been involved in planning a series of talks and events. Playing on the science-fiction tone of the BAS we have scheduled a talk in the University of Plymouth’s Immersive Vision theatre. Martin Lavelle (mathematical physicist), Emma Hambly (artist), and Mutant labs (gam developers) will all be under one (domed)roof to discuss fine art, science, gaming, chaos and all the like. I am excited to have Emma Hambly involved (one of the artists taking part in the AA2A scheme at the University) to do a talk about her practice, and be involved with a broader audience outside the university of Plymouth. This should prove to be a very interesting and diverse night of talks centred around notions of what wee traditionally see as two very different disciplines colliding…but are they as separate as we make them out to be? 


E V E N T :
Chance & Chaos Talk with AA2A artist Emma Hambly.




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