I have now started collating combined representations of women found within a variety of magazines. I am now exploring other reasons that women (and men) will allow themselves to be photographed and put into magazines. This extension from pornography opens a view into how other roles are represented within the mass media. It also highlights the associations an audience makes  with imagery, for example I bought a naturiste magazine which contained images of middle aged naked men posing naturally on a beach and my natural instinct was to turn the page. It wasn’t that the I was upset or repulsed by the image it was an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment. The image of the man was not at all sexualised it was simply an image of human form. So why did I feel embarrassed or ashamed viewing the image? I had never before noticed my embarrassment at such images. However I must consider that the last time I saw an image of a middle aged nude man was in a sex education video at school (in which we were all shrieking with embarrassment). I then thought about the copious images of nude women I had seen in relation to those I had seen of nude men.

I continued to dig through the naturiste magazine and found an image of a man and woman in a loose embrace. The couple were in a relaxed pose but were instead facing each other not the camera. Their forward facing bodies exposed un trimmed pubic hair (which is fairly uncommon within porn magazines) I did not feel uncomfortable. I had been confronted by the same image that I was just embarrassed by yet I wasn’t embarrassed! Why? Perhaps it was because their was a woman within the same image and so my own acceptability of the female nude had eaten up my embarrassment of seeing the male nude. I ripped this photograph out of the magazine and removed the text around it. I then opened hustler porn magazine and browsed until I found bodies of similar sizes to the ones from the naturist magazine. I placed clear sellotape over selected areas are ripped it off the page taking with it imprints of the porn magazine. I then placed the imprinted images of the pornography onto the naturiste photograph of the couple. This gave the relaxed naturiste couple an upgraded pair of breasts which had come directly from a porn magazine. As pornography and unrealstic representations of women that are oppressive affect women’s self image. The damage caused by continuous self comparison of both aesthetic and sexual performance is a contributing factor of why women opt for boob jobs.


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